Name: Hodgson Mill Spring
Location: Ozark County, Mo.
Rank: 19
Average Flow:

Million gallons per day: 23
Cubic feet per second: 36

Recharge Area:

To the northeast of the spring. First discovered by spring contamination from the Dora, Missouri sinkhole dump, and confirmed by conventional dyetracing.

Interesting Information:

Spring emerges from a cave behind the mill, and flows beneath the building. The spring provides a relatively constant flow, for which reason it was selected.The waterwheel visible beneath the building is purely cosmetic, since turbines were used to grind meal.

Brief History:

Spring was first used as a mill site by William Holeman beginning in 1861, who owned the business for 23 years. In 1884, Alva Hodgson bought the property, replacing the mill with the present one in 1897. The mill transferred to Charles T. Aid in 1934, whose family continued the business until 1965. Other owners ground meal, primarily for the tourist and specialty trades, into the 1970's. Lack of capacity at the mill moved grinding off-site, and the mill was eventually resold to the current owners.

Ownership and Access:

Private property. No access at the current time due to construction in process.

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