Missouri Speleological Survey


Files Report for March through June 2006


Wow, have I been behind. Guess Iím in the same boat with everyone else. Still, lots of new material has come in and been processes, some faster than others.


Roy Gold sent a new location for a cave at Dickerson Park in Springfield. Roy also sent several other revised, improved locations for caves in Christian and nearby counties plus he and Bob Taylor have found a few new caves as well.


Dan Lamping sent a map of Avon Cave SGE and has a large pile of other maps coming in. Maps I lose track of, because I donít archive them, DGLS does. So I donít always keep these straight. I do try but lapses occur in my memory. Dan also sent in locations of three new caves in Shannon County.


Joe Light sent a fat envelope of material on St. Louis area caves and springs.


Randy Long of the US Forest Service sent nice reports on FS caves in Crawford, Madison, and Dent Counties. Randy also sent pages of revised cave locations from his FS work.


Dan Drees of MDC sent a question on cave names in Carter County which, when straightened out, resulted in a cave deletion, a result of a duplication.


Eric Hertzler sent a bunch of reports on Lake of the Ozarks area caves. These are nice reports, with good attention to detail and biological notes as well. Eric also sent locations of new caves in Pulaski County, on the Ozark Springs quad, and several new caves from Ha Ha Tonka State Park. Eric is now living in Taney County and ready to start revising information in that area.


Kris Hartman of SEMO Grotto sent a new cave location in Cape Girardeau County. Low and wet, it blows a lot of air and goes. Kris also brought two fat cdís full of improved gpsíed cave locations and entrance photographs from Perry County. Kris, Kris Klaus and help are checking over, bit by bit, old cave locations in the Perryville area and finding, of course, plenty of errors mixed with a variety of good locations.


Paul Woods submitted a location for Walking Cave (thatís its name and description), McDonald County, a while back and I finally got it entered. Paul also sent some additional new locations for known caves. Paul also sent a location for a new cave in McDonald County, the map of which he is finishing up.


Tom Panian sent a location and information on a new cave(s) on Pioneer Forest land in Shannon County. He also forwarded locations of caves found by Mickey York, Val Schmidt, and others from MVG.


Ben Miller sent in a new cave in Taney. Ben also sent locations for the Yocum Pool Caves in Stone County plus a couple more discoveries that has now pushed the number of caves in Stone County to 300, a definite milestone. Number 300 is a nice deep cave in a not-very-remote area. And Ben sent a nice report on Avery Hollow Cave, Crawford County.


Tony Schmitt sent two locations of caves in St. Louis County, and Bob Criss of Washington University sent yet another.


Alan Leary of MODOT sent a location for Stowell School Cave in Marion County, the new cave that recently made headlines. Now this is just the 17th cave recorded in Marion County, a county that has three other caves over a mile in length. I know there are many more there; some may be of substantial size. This is definitely an area where you can pick up some ďroadĒ caves (new entrances visible from the road). I remember some years ago, there was an MVOR there; the host grotto found 5-10 new caves, and never got around to filing the locations.


Marty Griffin sent a new location for a known cave in Newton County. Here is another place that needs a bunch of work. Numerous caves to map and lots of so-so locations to fix.


Mike Flannigan sent an account of his search for Breadtray Mountain Cave in Stone County, which remains lost.


Michael Carter sent nice reports on Welch Spring Cave and an extensive outing in Douglas County that resulted in several new caves that I have not yet sifted through. Michael also sent a location for a new cave in Webster County.


Steve Taylor provided new location for one known cave in Howard County plus three new ones. Now there are five caves in Howard County.


Bill Elliott sent a list of caves (66!) from the Cave Life Database that donít match up to MSS-known caves. I have been working through this list; some of the caves simply have no locations while others are probably known caves. Then there are those that represent new caves and have locations.


And a cave got up and moved. Okay, I moved it. Well, its location is firmly in Christian County but had been labeled as being in Douglas County. Seems the direction reference was to other nearby caves in Douglas County and somehow nobody actually plotted its location to see where it was. Further, it was shown on the topo as a spring. So I moved it, all by lonesome, to the proper county.


The usual apologies to those whose contributions I have failed to note.



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